• Eleni Glinou, is an artist-researcher, who perceives art as an alchemical procedure, as a process that breaks down meanings, materials and forms into basic elements. Her practice mingles transformative patterns and combinations, through a unique artistic vocabulary aiming to interpret reality. Eleni Glinou balances form with content-based works. through sensibility, and commenting the paradoxes of human existence. She emphasizes ecological concerns and survival issues.

    Alchemy here relates to the traditional notion, in terms of purifying certain materials. Through this purification of hyle/matter, the artist observes the various aspects of memory, as well as the narratives that it employs, in relation to personal and collective stories. Life per se and the manifestations that are being evoked, compose the way memory is being constructed.

    The artist uses versatile mediums and techniques along with digital technology to express her feelings about time, language, architecture, objects and sounds interplaying among the signifier and the signified. Past, present and future, do not follow a linear narrative. They are formed according to personal and collective experiences. Memory plays a crucial role to the artist’s concern. Snapshots of experiences are bounded sequences, which remind us that what we see is different from what we know and consequently from what we perceive.

    Fragments of memories is the right wording for her works. Photographs, texts, various material like pebbles, textiles and embroidery, question if unity and life in a human work can act freely as they do in nature? What is the role of individuals in this condition? The sure thing is that the physical order of nature is a harmonious and self-regulating system.