The cube, as a geometrical solid, was linked to the goddess Cybele, after whom it has been named. Cybele was an earth goddess of Phrygian origin, worshiped in ancient Greece and Rome as a protectress of maternity, rural life and wild beasts. The cube was related to the goddess as the foundation stone, the basic prerequisite for the existence of all beings. In our cultural context, the cube stands more for order, control and pragmatism as necessary elements of social and personal stability. This artwork attempts a convergence of the ancient and the modern views on the cube. Here, the cubes are made of surfaces of plywood with printed motifs of grass and bushes. They close with a door made of zinc, etched with the same motifs and they are lighted from the inside, allowing a glimpse at the great creative potential hidden within them as building blocks of creation.

Time departs only to return… as space. - Albert Einstein