Printmaking Panorama, Technopolis

These images are about our desire to look back, remember or understand feelings or events of the past. While in this process we risk to be trapped in a zone of stagnancy, a dormant stage of being, were we become a kind of lifeless statue.
In Genesis Lot's wife becomes a Pillar of salt just because she looked back at the inferno of the burning towns. Our wish to re-experience by any means (looking at photos, reading diaries, sharing memories, etc. ) what is gone by is effecting our composure, as we increase our efforts to focus into the past we become less responsive. In extremis we can become statues, pillars of neutral elements that cease to exist at present. It is the price we pay for wishing to relocate ourselves from the present and offer ourselves as reflection surfaces to a past that wouldn't be present in any other form.