Athens art fair

This work is about the meeting point of  contents  that merge creating  common grounds  in a  plane surface just for a glimpse. Then they depart to what they were before they met  leaving behind them a charged void, an absence full of the aura of their union. In this case one surface is a container made of grass images, a container that may be viewed as text generator, a text outside the familiar context of the language. In nature, the ever‐present repetitive patterns can be read as a possible narrative sequence of no apparent meaning. There seems to be repetition just for the sake of it, a lack of specific purpose which remains indecipherable.
Presenting here natural patterns as text that when changing our positions as viewers reflect on flowers surfaces  is a means to demonstrate the limits of human rationality as such, especially when confronted with schemes that may appear trivial and insignificant but are in fact larger than rationality itself and therefore beyond its capacity of understanding. Like some child‐like nonsense song that is pleasant but completely pointless or, when observed more closely, even unsettling and uncanny, precisely because of its meticulous purposelessness.