Travelling letters project, Helsinky Academy of Music

Pebbles are smooth unique natural sculptures, transformed through time by the gentle but patient force of water. When collecting pebbles on a beach, we go for the ones that break the general patterns of color or shape in a way that catches the eye. The veining on some makes them look almost like organic matter, like living organisms. Others seem to be engraved with indecipherable sacred symbols, alluding to some secret meaning that will always escape us. Such found signs cause the shattering of language and invoke the power of its existence beyond any text, introducing a deeper way of communication – just like a piece of music you love and for a few moments you just exist in absolute harmony with it. This mystical alphabet of pebbles allows us to listen for a moment to the echo of the thousands of waves that have formed them, sensing the power of the sound of life as a precious companion of our existence.