1.The 5 volumes under the title "Graphic Design Department TEI of Athens, parts 1through 5, feature selected works of the graduation projects of students degree works for 5 years involving all the professors of the department. This was part of research about the internal evaluation of the Department and of a dissemination plan we created and I directed for 4 years. It aimed to communicate the profile and the design potentialities of the recent graduates both within the institution and the marketplace. The project was funded the European Community education budget . I was also involved in the design concept of the Volumes that were commissioned to Maria Veiopoulou, for the ultimate layout.

2. The writer of this book, Maria Chalevelaki, was teaching semiotics in our department as an external tutor. These PDFs are part of her book were I cooperated in its concept and the visualizations of its content as it was part of the degree work I supervised of the student Joanna Ioannou. The book is a great success. It is used by 11 different departments of Universities around Greece, as it is tailor made to support semiotics understanding in undergraduate level. The layout of the book was the degree project of the student Ioanna Ioannou.

3. Delphi bid book 2021: It is a huge collaborative project leading to the participation of the region of Delphi as candidate city for the competition , European capital of Greece 2021. In this project I participated at the visualization of the book and was responsible for the strategy to develop creative industries in the region , and the role of design and technologies in it. The book's layout was designed by Maria Veiopoulou, ex student of TEI and professional graphic designer.

4. This presentation is part of a research about the leading role of The TEI of Athens in a development plan in the region of west Athens. Aiming to collaborate with the private and public sector in forging a strategy for the establishment of Innovative industries of a small scale in the area and within the different TEI departments.